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Introducing the Tummy Shield™

— Baby’s First Car Seat™ —

Are you pregnant and worried about the safety of your unborn child while riding in a vehicle? Then you’re going to want to pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal…

Every Day, 8 Unborn Babies DIE in a Car Crash—Even While “Safely Strapped In”—Leaving Mom Reeling in Unbearable Guilt, Anger, and Loneliness…and Wondering, “WHAT IF?”

You CAN Stop the Heartache Before It Happens to You!

In fact, even after just the first use, you’ll see how this simple cutting-edge technology and innovation can:

  • Dramatically boost the safety of your current vehicle restraint system…
  • Reduce your anxiety about driving or riding in a car while pregnant…
  • Make wearing a seat belt feel comfortable again—even during your third trimester…
  • Increase protection for you and your unborn baby when traveling in a vehicle…

Dear Expecting Mom, 

Thousands of pregnancies are lost every year due to car accidents. And it doesn’t have to be a serious crash. 

Even a sudden stop or minor fender bender can result in significant damage inside your womb. Enough to cause your unborn baby a traumatic brain injury…severe spinal injury…or even death! 

Heaven forbid…but suppose for just a moment it happened to you. 

And ONLY AFTERWARDS, you discovered there was something YOU could have done about it. 

Something so simple…so effective…so life-changing, you’d never be able to forgive yourself for the rest of your life… 

Sadly, this scenario—expecting moms losing their unborn baby in a car crash—happens more often than you think. Despite doing everything “by the book.” 

Fact is, traveling in a vehicle is the most dangerous, risky activity many of us do day in and day out. 

Yet when it comes to driving or riding in a car during pregnancy, it’s made even worse. If you’re expecting a baby, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO WORRY whether…

  • You’re using your seat belt properly
  • It’ll protect you and your baby in a car crash…
  • Or even if it’s safe to wear at all!

Instead, you deserve peace of mind every time you travel in a car…to be confident your seat belt system will keep you and your unborn baby safe in an accident. 

Well, I’ve got good news for you. There IS a way to feel THAT certain and confident! And I’ll tell you all about it in just a minute. But first, here’s something to think about…

YOU Are Your Baby’s “First” Safety Seat!

That’s right. As a soon-to-be-mom, you work hard to make the right decisions every day that will keep your unborn baby healthy and safe. Like eating well…practicing your yoga stretches…relaxing to your favorite music…getting a good night’s sleep…and more.

And, you do your best to keep your unborn baby safe when traveling in a car. It starts by taking all the standard safety precautions… You know, the ones the so-called “industry experts” promise will protect your unborn baby in a car, like:

  • Buckling your seat belt according to NHTSA recommended guidelines…
  • Driving safely, or only riding in vehicles whose drivers practice safe driving skills…
  • Playing the role of passenger—instead of driver—as much as possible…
  • Backing your seat up as far as it goes, especially when behind the wheel…
  • Tilting your steering wheel as high as it goes…
  • Sitting back against your seat with safety belt as snug as possible…
  • Only sitting in seats equipped with a full shoulder-lap belt…

Of course, these steps are critical for everyone—especially expecting mothers—who want to stay safe while on the road. Yet in today’s cars…


Yes, you heard that right! 

You see, the seat belt was designed to grab onto or engage the hip bones and secure the occupant in the seat. For the expecting mother before to the end of her first trimester, this isn’t a big deal. Baby is still pretty well protected down inside your pelvis. 

But toward the start of the second trimester, baby starts moving up… Above and in front of your hip bones. 

So when you’re driving or riding while in your second and third trimesters, the “lap” part of the seat belt is held out in front of your hip bones. If suddenly engaged—like in a car crash—the belt will compress with extreme speed and force right through the tummy area to your pelvic bones, violently displacing your baby.

By that time, the damage is done and CANNOT BE REVERSED!

I was lucky to discover the Tummy Shield at Ali Landry’s event this years, just as I turned 5 months pregnant. I can’t believe I had not encountered this product before, it is simple and so perfect! I love that it allows my growing bump to not feel the pressure of the seat belt, all the while keeping me and baby safe. Comfort and safety make a good combo during pregnancy. It is also very easy to install and take out. Simple as water, and just as important during these precious 9 months.

~ Leonor Valera, actress


Now, don’t get us wrong. Pregnant women SHOULD still wear a seat belt for their own safety.

Just understand, with about 170,000 pregnant women involved in motor vehicle accidents every year…

Current standard seat belt systems simply DO NOT offer adequate protection against serious injury. In fact, expecting moms every year discover the hard way—

You may only get one chance to do it right when it comes to buckling you and your unborn baby in safely.

Yet, what if I told you there was…

A Sure-fire, Simple, and Comfortable Way 
To Keep Your Baby AND You As Safe As Possible… 
Every Time You Buckle Up In A Car? Well, now there is!

maternity seatbelt
Hi. My name is Greg Durocher — Dad, Husband, Former Firefighter/Paramedic, Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor and CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids

Our team works tirelessly to bring you innovative solutions for keeping babies and kids safe while traveling in a car.

Like the breakthrough safety device that converts your car’s standard seat belt system into a safer, more comfortable personal restraint system. Quicker and easier than you ever imagined possible!

Introducing…the Tummy Shield™!

firefighter approved

This is one item that is a must have for all pregnant women. It was such a comfort to know that I did everything in my power to protect my unborn child from injuries if I was in an accident

~ Jacinda Montano


Your baby is generally well-protected inside your belly. However, driving or riding in a car is a different story altogether.

The Tummy Shield™ gives you the peace of mind you’re doing everything in your power to protect your precious cargo from injury or death in the event of a car crash — or even a sudden stop!

But the Tummy Shield™ didn’t just happen by chance. It was the result of one father’s unfortunate driving experience with his own family.

You see, one day an Australian engineer was traveling in a car with his wife, who was about 7 months pregnant with their first child. With little warning, he swerved sharply to avoid an accident, hit a curb and came to a sudden stop.

No one appeared to be seriously injured. Yet, his wife sustained minor bruising on her pregnant tummy from the seat belt violently compressing across her abdomen. Secretly, she worried about the health of her unborn baby.

Even though she carried to full-term, both mom and dad noticed shortly after birth that their daughter failed to progress mentally and physically, appropriate to her age.

tummy shield lap shoulder seatbelt


Their daughter had sustained a brain injury sometime during the pregnancy. Heartbroken, both mom and dad immediately suspected—even KNEW— It happened because their car’s seat belt system failed to protect their unborn baby during a seemingly minor accident!

Frustrated and angered, they realized they had done everything right. Yet it still wasn’t enough!

Then, pregnant with their second child and worried about a possible repeat, dad searched high and low for a device he could give his wife to better protect their next unborn baby from injury—maybe even death.

One that would remove the dangerous forces of the seat belt away from his wife’s pregnant belly. Only…none could be found.

So, as an engineer, he took matters into his own hands…and the Tummy Shield™ was born!

With cutting edge technology and his ground-breaking innovation, one father gave every concerned mom the missing piece of their car safety puzzle…

A seat belt system that effectively protects an unborn baby from devastating injury or death in the event of a car crash or even a sudden stop.

Something that hit real close to home for this mom, Keira:

pregnancy and seatbelt

The doctors stated to that had I not been wearing the Tummy Shield it would have been a very different outcome. We go to all extremes to look after safety, our safety, our chilren’s safety, in the car. And looking after our unborn children is no different.

~ Keira


It also eliminates the extreme pain or discomfort you feel in your tummy when constantly fighting your seat belt for better positioning while pregnant. With the Tummy Shield™, there’s no more…

  • Curling up towels…
  • Using your hand to hold the seatbelt away from your body…
  • Positioning your knee between yourself and the seat belt…
  • OR skipping your seat belt altogether!

Fact is, it’s tons more comfortable than those inferior pads, pillows, or belts. Something our customers love most about it!

With just the first use, you’ll no longer be worried about the safety of your unborn baby while driving or riding in a vehicle.


safer driving during pregnancy

My husband and I saw the Tummy Shield when I was already about 6 months pregnant and wish that we’d found it sooner! I feel so much safer driving around without having the seat belt squeezing my belly or cutting into my legs. I never go without it. Even when my husband drives, we switch the Tummy Shield over to the passenger seat. It’s comfortable and very easy to use!

~ Erika L.


Dramatically boost the safety of your current seat belt system. You’ll get peace of mind knowing you did everything you could to protect your precious gift so she could celebrate her “first” birthday in perfect health…

Love wearing a seat belt that FINALLY feels comfortable again. The pad is super soft and adjustable. The Tummy Shield™ removes that uncomfortable pressure on your tummy…EVEN during your second and third trimesters.

Feel confident in our superior design. We’ve crash-tested the Tummy Shield™ to completely prevent your vehicle’s lap belt from “slamming” into your unborn baby at extreme speeds or damaging forces during a crash or sudden stop…

Always want to buckle up while pregnant. It’s so easy to transport wherever you go and installs in just seconds. Plus, it adapts quickly and easily to any vehicle’s seat belt system. You’ll NEVER, EVER put your baby at increased risk again because you didn’t buckle up!

Yet, as versatile, dependable, and convenient this miracle device is…

The Tummy Shield™ Is Not Just For Pregnancies

As you can see, the Tummy Shield™ is designed to better protect your unborn baby, even in the event of a serious car crash. And, to help you feel more comfortable using a seat belt while you’re pregnant.

But it’s great for more than just pregnancies. Women use the Tummy Shield™ for protecting the abdomen area during any number of medical procedures or conditions. So no matter what health issue you’re suffering or recovering from

  • c-section,
  • hysterectomy,
  • gall bladder,
  • hernia,
  • gastric bypass,
  • lap band,
  • tummy tuck
  • even after delivering

—the Tummy Shield™ can make you feel more comfortable and better protected when driving or riding in a vehicle.

tummy shield
I am just entering my 6th month of pregnancy and am so glad I have it. In the early part of my pregnancy, my tummy wasn’t huge, however it was extremely uncomfortable to have anything pressing on my lower abdomen, so the Tummy Shield was a huge comfort. And now as I continue to grow and feel this little person inside me, I am grateful knowing that I’m keeping him safe. Personally for me, I feel it’s 100% safer than without!

– Shiloh Johnson

Prior to our design, the options out there for pregnant women—or others experiencing abdominal pain from known or unknown sources—offered some level of comfort. But…they totally lacked the safety feature that the Tummy Shield™ provides during a car accident or sudden stop.

We didn’t just design it to “soften the impact” your seat belt has on your tummy. We worked to eliminate the impact altogether. We do this by redirecting the “lap” part of a car’s standard seat belt to transfer the “crash energy” off your abdomen and onto your legs.

See The Life Saving Difference For Yourself:


This makes the Tummy Shield™ so cutting-edgeso much more effective…and so much safer, no other product even comes close to giving expecting mothers the reassurance her unborn baby will be safe during a serious crash…or even just a sudden stop!

Plus, the Tummy Shield™ is so portable…so adaptable…so simple to use, you can install it in just seconds. By doing so, you could one day save the life of your unborn baby OR save your baby from a severe brain or spinal injury.

driving while pregnant
I love, love, love my Tummy Shield! I am now on my fourth and am carrying really low. The Tummy Shield is so much more comfortable than an ever tightening lap belt. I wish I had it with my other three pregnancies. I also like that it’s really easy to move from car to car and fits different size seats. We have a big SUV and a little Prius. I won’t go anywhere without it!

– Laurel Wise

See, we’re parents, too. We know how much you look forward to your baby’s first smile or first coo. And we’ll do everything we can to keep both you and your unborn baby safe while traveling in a car.

Therefore, we want to make it easy to get the Tummy Shield™ into your hands as quickly as possible. So for a month’s worth of a daily Starbucks or maybe a couple visits to the salon, we’ll ship one out to you right away for just $169…that’s it!

A small price to pay to…

Every Time You Drive!

Feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to keep your unborn child protected every time you get in your car, buckle up, turn on the ignition, and head out on the road.

And when you get the Tummy Shield™… The best part is… You won’t pay a penny for shipping! You heard right…you pay no Shipping Charge!

When you get your hands on the Tummy Shield™, you’ll never have to worry ever again whether you’re doing everything you can to protect your unborn baby while traveling in a car.

protect baby in the car

Try it 100% Risk-Free!

money back guarantee tummy shield

You get to try out the Tummy Shield™ Risk-Free! Look, we want you to be totally satisfied that this is the safest, most comfortable seat belt safety device you’ve ever run across.

When you buy the Tummy Shield™, you’re covered by our exclusive 100% Satisfaction, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee…for 15 Full Days! We’re that confident once you try it out, you’ll love how comfortable it is and want to keep it to continue protecting yourself and your unborn baby from the dangers of riding in a car. If you do decide to return it, we’ll give you a prompt and full refund…NO QUESTIONS ASKED! And, we’ll even pay for you to ship it back to us!

If your newly pregnant or have already been expecting for some time, don’t let another day go by without peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to protect your unborn baby while traveling in a car.

So go ahead, order your Tummy Shield™ today!

Safe travels,

Greg Durocher Safe Ride 4 Kids

P.S. Keep in mind the Tummy Shield™ is the only seat belt device for pregnant moms that adds both safety and comfort components to any standard vehicle seat belt system. This means you can finally be rid of that uncomfortable feeling of pressure on your tummy. And, you’ll relax easier knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep your unborn baby safe in the event of a crash while driving or riding in your car.

P.P.S. And remember, you can try the Tummy Shield™ Risk-Free for 15 days! If you’re not convinced it’s the safest, most comfortable seat belt safety improvement on the market today, just send it back. We’ll promptly refund your entire purchase price and pay for you to ship it back…Hassle Free, No Questions Asked.

Crash Test Videos

A front view of a test comparing the use of the Tummy Shield to just using the seat belt.

A side view of a test comparing the use of the Tummy Shield to just using the seat belt. Tummy Shield prevents submarining under the seat belt.

The manufacturer did many rounds of crash testing during development to perfect the engineering and safety results from the Tummy Shield.


The Tummy Shield™ is a specially engineered, patented and tested, single-piece stainless steel assembly (plate and anchor) molded inside a comfortable cushion and cover, which meet non-flammability requirements. The entire assembly is restrained with a webbing strap made of the same type of webbing as seat belts (just a smaller version), which wraps the vehicle seat and is secured with a buckle.

tummy shield design

Tummy Shield™

Baby’s First Car Seat™

Did you know thousands of pregnancies are lost every year due to car crashes? For the price of your daily Starbucks or a few relaxing mani/pedis, the Tummy Shield™ could one day save the life of your unborn child or protect your baby from a severe brain or spinal injury.



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If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ section on the Tummy Shield here.


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More and more doctors and midwives are learning about the Tummy shield. If your health care provider doesn’t already know about the Tummy Shield, start the conversation and  download this report to share with them.

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