Updates - Tummy Shield


Latest update: January 11, 2017

Tummy Shield Safety Bulletin: From Tummy Shield Pty Ltd & Safe Ride 4 Kids, LLC

Your family’s safety is our #1 priority!

Because of this commitment to your safety we have recently decided to update the “warnings and labels” associated with the Tummy Shield (which comes from Australia) to be more in line with USA warning label standards.

We would like to ask you to attach the included warning sticker to the buckle of the strap on your Tummy Shield. You will find it paper-clipped to a complimentary “Joy Love Buckled” peel-and-stick window decal for your vehicle.

Simply peel and stick the label like this:


This page will always be the most current place for you to find timely and relevant information and updates about this product.

If you ever need the instructions you will find them attached to the underside of the product AND we are including them here: 

  1. Place the cushion on seat to check if supplied extension is required to achieve proper alignment of hook between legs (see step #3)
  2. Secure cushion around back of seat with attached strap and buckle
  3. Sit on cushion, insuring tag behind hook is not sat on, you can do this by feel
  4. After cushion is positioned correctly secure seatbelt into the hook between your legs. Make sure the belt sits across your hips not your thighs
  5. Pull gently at the shoulder are of your seat belt to check fit and comfort
  6. In order to ensure that the Tummy Shield cushion is installed correctly please watch the installation video at SR4K.com/TSsafety.