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Meet Taylor, Baby Bailey’s Mom

Hear Her Story About the One Thing She Missed That Might Have Kept Her Baby Alive.

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The Risk to Unborn Babies That Most Parents Haven’t Heard About

It’s a Story More Common Than you May Think Because It — like many miscarriage stories — is a story not commonly shared.

Imagine starting your day off like any other day — you’re driving to work, or the park, or the grocery store and BANG

You are in a car crash.

It’s not an awful crash, the only visible injury is a bruise across your belly. The only thing is, you are pregnant!

Then, the next thing you know, you’re asking a nurse, “Where’s my baby?”

This is what happened to Taylor.

Taylor and Ryan lost their unborn baby after a car collision that occurred in Taylor’s third trimester of pregnancy. When she was rushed to the hospital, at first, they couldn’t find her child’s heartbeat—when they finally did find it, it had dropped tremendously.

She had an emergency C-section. When Taylor woke, she asked, “Where’s my baby?”

And no one could answer her. Baby Bailey was already in the NICU and no one in the delivery room knew what she was going through.

That one bruise from the seat belt on Taylor’s low abdomen led to little Bailey having a severe brain injury. She died in Ryan’s arms 12 hours after her traumatic birth.

What is the one thing Taylor and Ryan missed?

Taylor had done everything “right” when she got into that car that dreadful day. She was on the passenger side, she wore her seatbelt as recommended, as low as possible across the pelvis and hips.

“It’s not something that I ever thought about. There wasn’t one thing that came up on any of the sites or any of the appointments that I got my information from about driving while pregnant and what to avoid.”

“It’s the one thing that I missed while doing all of my research. The one thing that I missed that took her away from me.”

The risks and possible injuries that can be involved in a automobile accident during pregnancy is the one thing the majority of pregnant women never hear about when researching how to have a healthy pregnancy.

How to wear the seatbelt based on 50-year old best practice recommendations and a few other tips are often the only information about driving during pregnancy that is shared with moms-to-be.

Why is it so important to research the one thing?

The truth is 170,000 pregnant women are involved in car crashes every year. An estimated 3,000 pregnancies are lost because the mom-to-be experiences an car accident. That’s roughly 8 a day.

Car accidents often take place within 25 miles of the home or less. There’s a comfort zone and familiarity to driving in your own neighborhood or city. The streets feel safe, but falling into a comfort zone can lead to unexpected tragedy.

Most car crashes occur at low speeds. But even these can lead to tragic consequences especially when an occupant of the vehicle is pregnant.

Why are Taylor and Ryan sharing their tragic story with you?

After Taylor and Ryan’s tragic experience, they are on a mission is to make sure Bailey’s death was not in vain.

They want to make sure every pregnant woman knows about this risk to unborn babies AND that there is a solution to help keep unborn babies and their pregnant moms safer in the car!

What is the one thing currently available that can help reduce the occurrence of this preventable miscarriage?

What is the one thing that, if used, Taylor believes would most likely have prevented Baby Bailey’s death?

The Tummy Shield.

This revolutionary safety miracle helps protect your unborn baby… and you!

Ryan and Taylor wish they had known about the Tummy Shield. Take action now to keep the odds in your and your baby’s favor.

Want to Put the Odds in Your Favor?

Need more information about Safe Driving During Pregnancy?

Help spread their mission, share this with everyone you know who is pregnant. Or just share…